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3D Post processing is a part of the 3D manufacturing cycle. To understand why 3D post-processing is needed, we need to know how 3D printing works and what happens to the printed parts once the production stage is over. We’ll show you some simple 3D post-processing procedures that can be applied to give your 3D printed parts a better finish and add more protection.

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3D Manufacturing Process

First of all, we need to talk through the 3D printing process itself. In general you can divide it in three steps:

1) Modeling

2) Slicing

3) 3D printing

4) Post-Processing

One of the most important steps in 3D printing is the post-processing phase because it will give you, regardless which technology or kind of material was being used during 3D printing, a perfect finish to show your final product.


Endless possibilities

For full-color 3D printing we use the newest high end industrial grade printers. This technology has a lot of similarities to regular 2D printing. By jetting CMYK into a 3D printed Full-Color Plastic material we are able to reach over 10 million colors. The possibilities are endless and the output is a guaranteed fabulous result. Once your models are printed, they’re safely cleaned. The parts are cleaned and inspected manually to guarantee a perfect finish consistently.

Post-Processing Methods we use

Whether it’s sanding & polishing, or just a regular coating. We provide every step of the way.

At this point everyone should be aware that you can get rid of all sorts of print errors in a simple and cost-effective way. After the production stage there are several possibilities regarding post-processing. For example; it’s possible to polish or coat your models to make them even more protected for all sorts of external influences such as UV, water or even fire. With coating it’s even possible to choose surface finish between glossy or matte. The range of possibilities is big.

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