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Endless possibilities

At Marketiger we know that 3D printing can be used in a wide variety of applications for businesses and consumers globally. Some of the most popular include:

  • 3D Gaming figurine printing
  • 3D NFT printing
  • Architecture
  • Diorama models
  • Custom industrial models
  • Custom miniature models
  • Automotive Replica models

3D Color Printing Market

The global 3D color printing market is expected to exhibit significant growth in the next few years. Some of the key drivers for this growth include the increasing demand for 3D printing in the entertainment and industrial industries, and the increasing use of 3D printing in gaming. Once of the key advantages is production on demand. We print what you need, the quantity you need and when you need it.

3D Printing Solutions

3D printing offers a fast, efficient way to create physical objects from digital designs. 3D full color printers produce high-resolution prints that are truly indistinguishable from physical objects. 3D modeling is an integral part of product design and development, as well as other fields such as architecture and video game graphics.

The possibilities for 3D applications seem endless, and their use cases are constantly growing and expanding both within the business world and in consumers’ homes.

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3D Printing Advantages

3D printing offers a number of advantages for businesses, including:

  • Reduced lead times and faster turnaround times for prototypes and final products
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Reduced stock keeping and storage space
  • Increased design flexibilityAbility to produce small quantities of customized products quickly and economically

3D printing is becoming increasingly popular all over the world because of its many advantages.

Getting started with Full Color 3D Printing

If you’re looking to get started in 3D printing or want to expand your current capabilities, Marketiger can help. We offer only the best range of 3D printers in every color application available, so you can find the perfect outcome for your needs. We also have a team of experts who can help you get started and provide support throughout your printing process.

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