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Next level 3D printing

Marketiger combines innovative Mimaki full color 3D printing technology with excellent technical & creative knowledge to create custom scalable production processes with the highest quality of full-color 3D printing worldwide! Are you ready for the next level of 3D printing with up to 10 million colors, extreme detail levels?

Marketiger makes ideas come to life with full-color 3D printing. The highest level of color precision and detail in the world of 3D printing is our standard! Printing over 1500 models per day Marketiger has extensive experience in high quality; high volume full-color 3D printing processes.

We exclusively use the very best 3D printing technology and pre-/post-process all your parts in-house. All of our machines are used by highly skilled operators. Marketiger guides you in every step of the way with our experts in modelling, 3D printing, color matching, pre- and post-processing.


Full Color 3D Printing Service

Marketiger offers a flexible and personal approach in 3D printing. We offer all our clients a flexible, scalable & consistent 3D printing service. We design a perfect-fit production process based on the client’s desire.

Offering more than just a 3D printed object enables clients to create and sell their models as products instead of just 3D prints. Marketiger guides you every step of the way. From design to print and from packaging to shipping internationally to the end customer.

Are you ready for the next level in 3D printing?

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high-quality-icon High Quality Output

Custom scalable production processes with the highest quality of full-color 3D available.

high-service-icon High Service Levels

100% committed to delivering highest 3d standards available to meet your expectations.

strong-technical-icon Strong Technical Expertise

Our expertise offers unparalleled precision and accuracy.

mass-volume-icon Mass Volume Customization

Globally, from order to delivery, we are able to take care of any 3D request from you.


Full Color Print Capacity as never seen before

Maketiger full-color 3D printing solutions is an excellent improvement and well developed replacement for existing full-color productions. While increasing quality, lifetime and lead times we’re able to decrease costs within the whole process. Collaborating with several industry partners; Marketiger is able to deploy a perfect fit process for your existing full color demands.

2000+ Prints per day. From Gaming and physical NFTs to custom business requests

We are able to give you the best 3D full color printing results in the world.

As technology advances, so does 3D printing. One of the newest breakthroughs in 3D printing is colored, high resolution objects with true to life detail. Objects are printed layer by layer in up to 10 million colors using colored resins.

3D full color printing is a considerable investment, but offers businesses the ability to create extremely precise and detailed products that would be otherwise impossible to mass produce. 3D full color can be used for a range of applications in a variety of industries including:

  • Gaming figurines
  • NFTs
  • Tabletop gaming
  • High Detailed Models
  • Creative Concepts
  • Area models
  • Merchandising
  • Precision molds
  • Marketing and More!

Don’t believe it? Challenge us!

Marketiger’s full color 3D printing service has the ability to revolutionize industries by creating products that are more precise and detailed than ever before. If you’re interested in full color 3D printing, contact us today for a quote on any of our full color 3d printer services.

3D full color printing is a premier 3D printing service offered by Marketiger. We offer full color 3d printing services all around the world.

High Quality Full Color Plastic

Marketiger has extensive experience in implementing Mimaki full-color 3D printing technology in an existing production process. No more rejection of detailed models, broken models, degrading colors and long lead-times. Doors will open for your company with details up to 0.019mm, improved coloring, improved durability, waterproofness, transparency, UV protection and a streamlined process against an affordable price.

Feel free to get in touch to see what Full Color 3D printing can do for you!

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