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Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 23th February, 2023

Marketiger’s new 3D printing configurator software and production offering unleashes mass customisation opportunities for digital and analogue gaming communities

Marketiger, a global full-service 3D printing solutions provider, has unveiled its software configurator solution, designed to bring the benefits of 3D print production to the gaming industry, brand and asset owners. As has already discovered, Marketiger’s configurator takes the cost and complexity out of utilising 3D printing to produce customised, robust, high-quality products – such as’s exciting and imaginative offering that gives customers the creative freedom to design their own dice.

Featuring a web-based, user-friendly interface, the configurator allows users to customise the shape, style, numbering colour and embedded objects then order their dice directly from the interface. Marketiger then prints, finishes, and ships the final, perfectly balanced die/dice to the customer.

Alex Abrate,, says, “Marketiger’s combination of hassle-free configurator software and high-quality 3D printing capabilities is helping brands like ours to benefit from 3D printing. The team has the design expertise and technical know-how to provide brand and asset owners with a seamless go-to-market solution. Our customisable dice offering has already been extremely popular with customers, giving them the opportunity to add something new, personal and artistic to further enhance their gaming experience.”

Wherever 3D assets exist, including in digital gaming and board gaming, Marketiger can help bring characters, accessories, and landscapes into the real world through its vivid full-colour 3D printing workflows — allowing gamers to get their hands on actual physical replicas of their favourite digital artwork, and opening new revenue streams for brand owners.

Ronald van den Broek, Managing Partner at Marketiger explains: “The ability to create unique customised dice is an exciting opportunity for the analogue gaming community, especially with the detail, colour and quality of the final 3D printed pieces. For brands in the video gaming space, what has achieved for their customers is a preview of the opportunities that lie ahead. Gamers’ imaginations can now be in charge of the figures, avatars, and other accessories they can realise and own. Brands now have the solution to provide a way for gamers to unleash their creativity and bring their much-loved gaming worlds into the real world.”

Visit the platform now:

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