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Large Volume Custom Figurines Printing in 3D Full Color

At Marketiger we offer our customers Avatar and Figurine Printing Services because our proprietary workflow and printers are one of the best when it comes to Figurine printing services in 3D full color. Marketiger has large volume production capabilities available, combined with unique personalization options.

Full Color Print Capacity as never seen before

2000+ Prints per day. From Gaming and physical NFTs to custom business requests

Advantages of a full color 3D printing service

Some of the advantages of using a 3D printing service for large volume printing include:

  • The ability to print high quality, full color 3D figurines with precision and detail
  • The use of the latest 3D printing technology and equipment, ensuring accurate and high quality results
  • In-house pre- and post-processing of all parts, ensuring that all figurines are ready for use once they are printed. Marketiger Figurine printing services are available in one or two full color 3D printing processes:
  • Shipping directly to customers worldwide
  • No stock keeping, you order what you need, when you need it

Full Color Industries

Our Full color 3D Printing services are available to all of our customers, no matter their size or industry. Industries that benefit from our figurine services include

  • Avatar and Figurine model manufacturing
  • Avatar and Figurine part printing
  • Avatar and Figurine model making

For unique or custom objects we also provide 3D design or modelling services

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